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Harmony Foundation is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility that is located at 1600 Fish Hatchery Rd in Estes Park, Colorado. Treating substance abuse involves multiple stages of treatment through a recovery program such as that offered by Harmony Foundation. This can include group counseling, individual counseling, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and medically assisted detox, among many others. Treatment programs are based on the individual themselves and are constructed to suit each patient individually. Just as every person is unique, so should treatment programs and that is exactly what patients will receive at Harmony Foundation.

If addicts do not obtain the right type of support and guidance, they may find treatment to be very difficult as the thought of sobriety can seem so far-fetched. At Harmony Foundation, professional counseling and guidance are provided to all patients aged 18+, giving them the strength needed in order to obtain a life that is free of drug and alcohol addiction. By altering the patient's outlook on life through addiction treatment, they will be able to stay positive throughout the duration of rehab.

The staff members at Harmony Foundation have a mission and that is to give patients effective and quality addiction treatment so that long-lasting sobriety can be obtained. The path to a positive future starts on a positive foot and that begins at Harmony Foundation. Confronting addiction is a difficult thing to do, but it is the most important step in the recovery process. Through professional counseling during the patient's time in treatment, patients will learn coping skills and trigger management which is imperative to the success of maintaining sobriety.

Maintaining sobriety on one's own is extremely difficult, especially when the addict has tried to go 'cold turkey' on their own. This is because it requires medically-assisted detox in order to properly and safely wean the body off of the substance of abuse. This way the body does not go through sudden withdrawal nor experience harsh side effects. Harmony Foundation can provide patients with all of the necessary tools, treatments, and resources so that patients have every opportunity to succeed in recovery.

Getting treatment is the best option when seeking a life that is free of substance abuse. Get the help required now and start living the best life possible. Contact Harmony Foundation by visiting www.harmonyfoundationinc.com now.

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1600 Fish Hatchery RdEstes ParkColorado  80517

Google Reviews

  5.0   6 months ago

I am not an employee of Harmony but I had the opportunity to rotate through as part of my clinical rotations for school. From day one I felt there was something special about the care that was given to the clients of Harmony, but midway through my six week rotation I realized it was their staff that made Harmony such a great place for addiction recovery! Between their nursing and mental health staff, I'm positive that this is among the best care I have ever seen. Addiction is a very complicated disease, but the highly specialized team at Harmony are going to receive my referral for anyone who suffers from addiction because of their world class staff!

  5.0   7 months ago

My daughter had the most amazing recovery experience imaginable. The holistic program is comprehensive in terms of the physical, emotional and spiritual elements. The on site extended care program is so great. I can not say enough great things about the Harmony Program, common sense quality facilities and the caring sober staff! What a special environment to find serenity and a foundation for sober happy living.

  5.0   10 months ago

I have worked at Harmony for 11 years. It's a wonderful place to work because they operate with complete transparency and a level of ethics rarely seen in business. The staff is totally dedicated to the clients, always with each client's best interest at heart. This is true for everyone who works there; absolutely everyone. It is truly a magical place to work and a magical and tranquil place to get well. I am proud to work at Harmony.

  5.0   10 months ago

This is an amazing place to heal and recover. So much kindness from all of the staff and clients. The nursing staff and doctor's are awesome and attentive to your needs. Family support is phenomenal where families are educated and supported through the family program. Relationships are restored with a greater understanding about addiction. Harmony Foundations is a place you can trust and be safe.

  5.0   10 months ago

Harmony is incredible and I can honestly say it saved my life. I am eternally grateful to Trent B. and the staff as it gave me the start to leading a healthy lifestyle. If I could give more stars I would. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, this place is amazing. One note of caution; Harmony (or any rehab facility, for that matter) will not “fix you”. Once you leave Harmony, you still have to work on not drinking. If you are under the impression you can leave Harmony and never use again, you are setting yourself to be let down. I firmly believe that if you come out of any rehab facility 1. Wanting sobriety and 2. That AA works your stay in rehab was successful. Why delay? If you are in the Denver area and serious about getting sober, come join us at an AA meeting at AWOL, 1865 S. Pearl Street. I am there every Saturday (downstairs) at 8:00 am. Ask for Patrick W.

  5.0   10 months ago

Going to the Harmony Foundation was the best decision I have ever made. Every aspect of their program is carefully thought out to provide the client with the most comfortable, supportive, and caring experience possible while going through a very difficult time in their lives. Thanks to Harmony and some very hard work on my part, I have 3 years of sobriety and counting. I highly recommend Harmony to anyone I know in need of substance abuse treatment. Harmony is my happy place!

  5.0   10 months ago

Harmony was the best place I could have imagined to address my personal issues with substance abuse. The staff in all areas were great, but my personal councilor was really amazing. He took the time to get to know me and he pushed me out of my comfort zone to help me get to the root of my issues. The nursing staff was very helpful, the food was great, the overall program at Harmony has set me up for success. Like anything, what you put into it, you will get out of it and I gave it my all. The environment at Harmony was very relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful. Great campus, quite area, and surrounded in natural beauty. Not to mention the constant wildlife viewing (elk, deer, turkey, etc.) I would highly recommend Harmony to anyone who is struggling with addiction, if they are ready to take it seriously.

  5.0   11 months ago

I have been a nurse for a long time. I have been a psych nurse for almost as long. This is by far the most therapeutic environment I have seen in a long time. Other facilities tend to micromanage the small stuff like smoke breaks and snack times. This sets up an environment of staff against client due to the staff constantly having to redirect clients by reminding them that it's not snack time or time for a smoke break... Harmony does it differently. There are always snacks 24/7 in all the common areas. There are designated smoke areas for detox and residential available anytime. This changes the entire environment to being on the team of everyone doing their best for the client's long term, maintained sobriety whatever that looks like for each individual. This is so healing and refreshing.

  5.0   1 year ago

Fantastic Staff who truly care about the outcomes of the clients.

  5.0   1 year ago

I've had the opportunity to engage with a number of the staff at the Harmony Foundation. They are extremely passionate, professional, and truly care about the outcome of every individual.

  5.0   1 year ago

The staff,curriculum, and nutrition were top of the line! Harmony is set in a beautiful valley and the clients are treated with dignity and respect. Go to the Harmony Foundation if you want a life changing experience.

  5.0   2 years ago

Beautiful center with an incredibly caring staff. I highly recommend seeing them. They'll welcome you with open arms

  5.0   2 years ago

Harmony is what you make of it, people. If you don't want to get sober, you won't. If you do, there are staff there who will give you the tools to cope with life sober, but they can't do it for you. I went there, wasn't totally honest and didn't open myself up to be vulnerable, and I was drinking again within a week of getting out...that was NOT a failure on Harmony's part. They taught me a program of action that really works, but I chose not to use it right away. I blamed Harmony for awhile, the Aftercare counselors, my parents....really, any alternative to taking responsibility for my own actions...because that would make me responsible for taking the next right actions. Harmony may not be for everyone-just never stop trying. There are people out there who understand EXACTLY where you're at and they've come out the other side, so you can too. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it's damn sure worth it.

  5.0   2 years ago

I came here on Sepremier 24th 1999 full of fear, shame, anger and self loathing. I could not for one second imagine life without drinking. However, I really wanted help, I wanted to stop drinking more than anything. I vowed to do every single thing the folks at harmony suggested from start to finish. As a result I must humbly and gratefully report that the abundance of promises outlined in the Big Book have come true in my life. The desire to drink and use left me at Harmony Foundation and through the support of AA and the life changing tools of the 12 steps, I celebrated 17 years sober on September 24th, 2016. Harmony Foundation gave me the courage to seek out a Higher Power, AA and the Steps to build my own solid Foundation and begin life anew. Thank you Harmony!

  5.0   2 years ago

This was my first experience in rehab, it was 3 1/2 years ago. I had become a Shadow of the once strong, intelligent, capable woman I once was & needed help. I was at bottom & wanted my life back..but yet I wanted more! I wanted to know what was lacking in my life for me to lean on alcohol as a coping mechanism..I wanted to know everything I could on how to reconnect with myself and the world again. Harmony is what you make of it. They have guidelines to keep people safe..and I always felt safe. It is a self paced program where you learn to be accountable for your choices and actions..which we lost in our addiction. I loved my experience with Harmony..I'd do it again & I'd recommend anyone who is motivated to get sober and reconnect with your spirituality.. Beautiful place & perfect for healing..you get what you give.

  5.0   3 years ago

In April of 2014 I was physically, mentally and spiritually broken. I had tried to quit drinking, many, many times, but to no avail. I was hopeless. A friend recommended Harmony and I was willing to go. I knew nothing of sobriety, recovery and Harmony. The location is amazing! Upon arrival I could feel my spirits lift. The staff welcomed me with smiles and care. I was ready to change my life and everyone from Harmony showed me a path to recover. For the first time in my adult life I cried, smiled and laughed because they had given me hope.

  5.0   3 years ago

This place is a blessing nestled on the edge of the mountains. I checked myself in not knowing what to expect and left with the foundation and tools to deal with life on life's terms. The facility pointed me in the right direction and set me on the path im currently on. I have close to two and a half years of sobriety and have learned to relive my life without the chemical dependence. It was said I'd have a life beyond my wildest dreams however in the depths of addiction I had no dreams. I am a walking miracle and would recommend this place to anyone who is seeking treatment.

  5.0   3 years ago

Life changing. Not a cure all, but Harmony has given me the tools to live a life that is 90% better than before I went. The follow-up with staff is of tremendous benefit and I never feel alone on my recovery journey.

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